Traffic is Everything.
When it comes to online marketing, traffic is everything. At VDroom, we're utilizing our existing 360-Gallery infrastructure to create an innovative complementary product that helps attract more users to hotel websites. Meet the Mini-VR-Site.
More Traffic, VR Style.
Tourist establishments are used to managing campaigns that target potential guests. Yet from a value-for-money standpoint, digital marketing campaigns often disappoint. Filling a growing need for an effective campaign platform, VDroom uses its Smart 360° Gallery product as a foundation for data-driven, SEO-optimized mini-sites that generate meaningful global-scale traffic. Visually-enhanced and powered by cutting-edge technology, the Mini-VR-Site takes the mini-site concept to new levels – with optimal results.
Mini-VR-Site – Main Advantages:
  • Designed for SEO: The Mini-VR-Site has its own domain name (a sub-domain related to the main website domain), which increases search engine optimization.
  • Global Exposure: Designed to enhance global exposure, the Mini-VR-Site comes with multi-language support.
  • Campaign-Oriented: Each mini-site page acts as a landing page that corresponds with online campaign technology and requirements (Google AdWords, for example).
  • High-Performance Indexation: Published mini-site content is immediately and simultaneously distributed and indexed by approx. 450 search engines.
  • Seamless Interface: The Smart 360° Gallery interfaces seamlessly with existing 2D photo galleries. No changes required on your part.
  • Entrance: Potential clients can enter the Mini-VR-Site either via a search engine search or the establishment's main website.
  • Hosting & Management: The Mini-VR-Site is hosted on VDroom servers and is managed by our leading team of experts, who also design and manage campaigns in accordance with specific client requirements.
Attracting New Clients.
Increasing Asset Value.
After embedding the Smart 360° Gallery on your website, you're equipped with a state-of-the- art optimization tool that enhances conversion rates. Adding the Mini-VR-Site to the mix will help you attract new clients from all over world. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Traffic is heavy.


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