Smart 360° Gallery.
Innovation on Display.
To successfully market their establishments, hospitality businesses must invest in their online presence. As far as marketing tools go, there are few more effective than photo galleries.
Room and facility photos greatly influence room booking decisions. Potential bookers scan through gallery photos, looking for that "special something" that'll make them click the 'Book Now' button. Photos should be attractive, well-lit and organized. But in today's data-driven world, that's not enough.
2D Images. 3D Conversion.
At VDroom, our goal is to increase 'Book Now ' clicks. Standard 2D photo galleries are a powerful marketing tool, yet they simply cannot fulfill market share potential. We utilize 3D technology to create an intuitive flow between equirectangular, 360°-ready gallery photos. More importantly, we use advanced machine-learning algorithms to select images based on performance and display them in optimized order, in accordance with user behavior.
Smart 360 Gallery – Main Advantages:
  • Machine Learning Technology: The Smart 360° Gallery is powered by a cutting-edge machine learning algorithm dedicated to conversion enhancement.
  • Real-Time Optimization: WImage order and delivery are optimized in real-time by our data-driven engines.
  • New Lead Generation: Users who find gifts can be asked to fill out a form, thereby increasing lead generation and enriching your potential client database.
  • Page Location: The Smart 360° Gallery can be conveniently placed on your listing page - or any other page requiring visual enhancement.
  • Seamless Interface: The Smart 360° Gallery interfaces seamlessly with existing 2D photo galleries. No changes required on your part.
  • Friendly User Interface: The Smart 360° Gallery is quick and responsive, offering users an intuitive experience that makes them feel right at home on your website.
  • VHosting & Management: You don't have to invest in complex infrastructure. Our experts upload, store, manage and deliver your 360° content directly from our secure cloud-based platform.
The Future of Hotel
Asset Marketing
With the Smart 360° Gallery, you're not longer putting photos on display. You're engaging your online visitors, establishing consumer trust, strengthening your brand and increasing your market share all at once. Your marketing efforts are paying off – and coming full circle.


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