VR Gamification
Get it to Win
People are natural socializers, learners and achievers. They are constantly looking for new ways for self-expression. Therefore, it is not surprising that they enjoy games as much as they do.
Gamification allows hospitality businesses to transform routine experiences such as online hotel searches and potential room booking into positive playful experiences. As potential guests roam through hotel or cruise ship websites, they are engaged in a challenging and enjoyable experience that increases direct booking.
Creating Retention Champions
In 2019, 360°/VR Gamification is set to become the hottest trend in hospitality. Coupons and vouchers have moved from print to digital, and businesses are beginning to harness the advantages of digital technology by offering special deals directly from 360°/VR environments. Communicating with potential guests via games and prizes helps generate early-stage trust and affinity. Added user engagement helps establish brand awareness and increased attachment to the hotel or property.
VR Gamification – Main Advantages:
  • Increased Brand Awareness: Early online engagement – before checking in or boarding – helps increase booking sales.
  • Enhanced Conversion Rates: With VR Gamification, potential clients stay on your website for longer periods of time, thus increasing conversion rates.
  • New Lead Generation: Users who find gifts can be asked to fill out a form, thereby increasing lead generation and enriching your potential client database.
  • Strong Social Presence: A strong social media presence can reach thousands of new clients. Guests who find gifts could be asked to share the news on social media in order to redeem their prizes.
  • Advanced Barcode & Coupon Technology: Online prizes and coupons are barcoded for future verification. Users can display their coupons via their mobile phone for authentication at front desk.
  • Upsell Capabilities: Business managers can define gamification campaign time frames and operation hours, per unique target audience specifications.
  • Vacation Enhancement: Establishments can engage with their guests and offer added value (gift vouchers by the spa, for example) as they look for gifts throughout the hotel facility.
Your Marketing Game
Just Got Better
Gamification is the ultimate user engagement tool. It brings new clients and is extremely cost-effective. When combined with VR and 3D, the fun gets even better.


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